Catching Up

Since, like many of you, I’m off work today for the holiday, I’m catching up on some household stuff. Swapped out the light fixture in my office, and replaced it with one that could take CFL style bulbs. My old one took halogen spots, which I believe get a life extension until 2014, when you’ll have to replace them with LED lighting, but that is still tempting me to send the bill for the swap to Nancy Pelosi.

Either way, the reason I replaced is that the halogens throw off a lot of heat, and when the temperature is topping 100 degrees outside, and you don’t have central air, 150 watts is a tall order. Even if the room isn’t cooler, it feels cooler, and if it makes my room AC unit upstairs work that much less, it’s worth it.

I also had to get some files off Bitter’s old, dead Dell laptop, which I’ve been promising to do and not doing for a few months now. Since I got a new MacBook Pro from work a year or so ago I gave her my old one.

Now I need to go spray some RoundUp on grass I have growing in my side yard. It looks like I’ve planted wheat. I never go back there. More blogging later.