Canadian Media Missed Brady Memo

They are calling it the yard-sale loophole. Apparently they are out of the loop on the nomenclature. They don’t call it the yard-sale loophole. Ordinary people have yard sales. Everyone is familiar with what a yard sale is. People might not be sufficiently scared by the prospect of someone selling an old gun at a yard sale.

No, it’s the gun show loophole. Booga! Booga! Many people have never been to a gun show, so it’s easier for them to distort what goes on there, and make it sound like they are organized by the KKK and neo-Nazis groups, and have more criminals at them than the prison yard at exercise time. Gun shows are all manner of shady. Just ask them! Yard sales are something your grandma does. Get with the program CBC!

5 thoughts on “Canadian Media Missed Brady Memo”

  1. And if Grandma wants to sell off her Mauser Hunting rifle because she hasn’t gotten a deer tag in 5 years, and probably won’t go next year either, or wants to sell her top-break .32 S&W because she doesn’t think she can work the trigger with her arthritis, what’s wrong with that?

  2. And of course, the story is closed to comments, no doubt because it’s an anti-gun story. After all, we can’t have the story shredded with facts now, can we?

  3. Not that i’m for the war on drugs, but isnt this pretty hypocritical coming from a country that is the source of billions of dollars of drugs that are illegal in the US?

  4. I guess everyone has bought a gun at a yard sale, I have and would again. The worst I ever bought was an old Westernfield 16 ga. pump the firing pin broke about the third shot. Getting a new one made by a gunsmith was all of $20. I still have the gun and it still shoots great but its getting kinda hard to find shells. The best bird gun I ever bought like that was a 20 ga. single shot that patterned beautifully and would bring down birds at a little less than 100 yards. Great shooting gun.

  5. The libtards who run the media up in Canada are much like the ones who run the media in the USA.

    These Canuck libtards are always trying to create the impression that every single crime gun in their country can be blamed on America’s firearms freedoms, since that is part and parcel with their anti-gun and anti-American template.

    Not long ago, I saw a photo online of what is appears to be a homemade submachine gun. It is in the custody of the police in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, which they seized in a raid on a drug dealer earlier this year. The seizure of this particular gun was never reported by the CBC as best that I can tell, since this would not fit in with the same template I mentioned above.

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