S&W Lock Issue

Tam has the digs on the Smith & Wesson gun lock issue.  I have a 629, and have never used the lock, or had it engage unexpectedly when shooting.  I use the gun to shoot IHMSA Field Pistol, Production category.  I only carry it in the woods, and even then, I usually have the Glock as a backup.

That’s not to say I like the lock being on there, though.  Too many gun manufacturers seem be interested in having their guns not be illegal in a lot of the nanny states (like Massachusetts, where S&W is located) that mandate this crap.  I would like to see the industry write off the states that pass this stuff, or at the least, do multiple versions if they really feel the need to exploit those markets.

3 thoughts on “S&W Lock Issue”

  1. I’d like to see more 49-state emissions cars again, but the economies of scale mean I probably won’t. :(

  2. So take the locking flag out. I did on my model 442, and it was easy.


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