Gun Control Working, As Murder And Shootings Rise

I think the claims in this article contradict themselves all over:

“City is winning the war on street guns”

“Cops recovered 5,129 firearms from suspects last year, compared to 5,537 in 2008 — an 8 percent decline”

“An ATF spokesman said the weapons recovered were not recently manufactured, which meant the flow of newly minted weapons was also continuing to decline.”

“[M]urders are up 20 percent, from 119 last year at this time to 143 through last Sunday. And shootings are up 14.8 percent so far this year, to 373 from 325 for the same period last year”

And naturally, it’s everyone else’s fault other than Bloomberg’s. He’s winning the war against guns! Unfortunately for him, he’s losing the war against criminals. Has it ever occurred to him that he’s fighting the wrong enemy? Nah.

2 thoughts on “Gun Control Working, As Murder And Shootings Rise”

  1. Murder is up 20%… Sad, sad news.

    Are their people like me, that avoid going to these States, because we can’t legally protect ourselves and our family?
    I wonder what they lose in tourism alone.

  2. I’m with you. I live in Delaware County and I make a conscious effort to avoid New Jersey and Maryland. The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no obligation to protect me yet those two states have stated that I have no right to protect myself or my family. Until these marxists get their acts together I will avoid those two states.

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