ACLU Sells out Free Speech

Looks like they are caving on campaign finance reform, something they’ve long opposed:

The organization will now accept “reasonable” government limitations on contributions to candidates. The ACLU doesn’t say what “reasonable” means, so the government will doubtless supply the definition. This will inevitably benefit those who are already elected and disadvantage challengers. Indeed, for 35 years “reasonable” limits on contributions have demonstrably helped incumbents and suppressed insurgent candidates.

So ACLU gets on board with helping further entrench the Democratic Party. What a sad things they’ve become. I used to respect the ACLU even when I didn’t agree with them, but that’s passing.

2 Responses to “ACLU Sells out Free Speech”

  1. Xrlq says:

    Whaddya mean, “become?” The ACLU has always been a leftist advocacy group first and a civil liberties group second. “Social justice” is and was the desired ends; civil librties the means (if that).

  2. Laughingdog says:

    The only time in my life that I respected the ACLU was when I was in high school, and was too young to know what a bunch of hypocrites they were.

    Any time they did something that seemed like they might actually care about all rights, and not just those that are “progressive approved”, I’ve attributed it to the “blind squirrel” theory.


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