Open Carry in the Wall Street Journal

By Nancy DeWolf Smith. In my opinion, really condescending, especially toward women, even though it’s written by a woman.

Surveys suggest that serious shooters are not particularly drawn to girlie colors. But what about the rest of the female population? The same forces that compel women to change pocketbooks and fingernail colors may add a vexing new list of daily dressing decisions, like “What color pistol grip goes with this outfit?” Next thing you know, women could be trading tips on the Web about the best way to attract men in a world where every girl can have a gun. Should she try to stand out from the crowd with a piece of rustic exotica that reminds him of the safari dolls in 1953’s “Mogambo,” like a .416 Rigby? Or go with something more crudely flashy, like one of the pretend AK-47s?

Even though she correctly points out this is a contentious issue even within our own community, and an issue where I generally favor concealment, Ms. Smith hopefully does not assume that means any of us advocate making open carry unlawful. This is an argument between gun owners, not between gun owners and the government.

7 thoughts on “Open Carry in the Wall Street Journal”

  1. S&W did market (not sure how many they sold) so-called “Ladysmith” handguns, with pink and other ‘girlie’ colors……

    And I think that women who color-coordinate their defensive firepower are awesome. However, they should pick colors that complement, but stand out, from their overall color palette: So that prospective assailants will have adequate warning of the hurt they may soon encounter.

  2. She managed to get through it without making any dick jokes though. I was surprised.

  3. How about someone building a semi-auto with a slide which the weak-handed can operate? a lady was just complaining to me about that issue this morning.

  4. It seems that few can argue against this issue without resorting to condescension.

    That observation alone speaks volumes.

    If you can’t beat ’em, try your damnedest to make them look stupid.

  5. CTdonath – The Walther PK380 is supposed to be very easy to operate for those with weak hand/arm strength, thou I haven’t handled one yet.

    Too bad there are a few things about it that completely turn me off.

  6. ctdonath, Have a read of this I’ve taught some VERY small ladies with weak hands and arms to easily and consistently rack the heavy slide of my 1911 with this technique.

    Oh FYI, I think its HILARIOUS that my wife finds the brightly colored guns ugly, as well as things like the nice Cocobolo grips on my carry gun. Nope her gun tastes are all black and tacticool when it comes to handguns.

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