So, Um, You Know, How’s that, You Know, Listening Tour Working Out for You, You Know?

You know, it seems like once anti-gun Caroline Kennedy, you know, started talking to the people of, you know, New York, they stopped like liking her, you know.

PPP says Kennedy’s popularity “has taken a major hit as the result of her public campaign” to get the appointment of New York Gov. David Paterson. Although Kennedy is still regarded by a small plurality, 44 percent of voters say their opinion is less favorable than since she first stated publicly her desire for the seat, while 23 percent say they view her more favorably. Her favorable to unfavorable ratio is 44 percent to 40 percent, while that of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is 57 percent to 20 percent.

Other articles I’ve seen indicate that her biggest support is coming from Baby Boomer women who believe she deserves it because she’s a Kennedy and just has the DNA to do the job – despite having never held elected office before or having any useful experience.

3 Responses to “So, Um, You Know, How’s that, You Know, Listening Tour Working Out for You, You Know?”

  1. Rob K says:

    You, between her and Cuomo, I think I’d prefer she get it. She has no experience and will probably be pretty ineffective.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    She makes Paris Hilton look like a member of MENSA.

  3. Chuck B. says:

    This woman must think she is owed something now simply because her last name is Kennedy, that is, because she didn’t bother changing it to “Schlossberg” when she got married over 20 years ago.