Bryan Miller Now Using Open Carry Fundraising

Found by Cemetery at New Jersey Hunter forum. Some gems from Bryan:

“These single-minded and fearful people care so little about public safety that they seek to make our state and country an armed camp. And, it is no coincidence that many follow the harsh anti-democratic rhetoric that attracted such as Tim McVeigh.”

“We have all heard of the volatile blend of racism and anti-government hostility emanating from so-called ‘tea parties.’ Mixed in is a rebellious strain of pro-gun extremism that led to yesterday’s events. In many state, ‘open carry’ activists eagerly wear their guns to Starbucks and other retail establishments, caring not a whit about the intimidation of and danger to others. It’s all about them and their petty fears and anti-social ideas.”

We’re the ones that use fears and anti-social ideas? Pot — meet kettle. This is classic fundraising through fear mongering. Both sides do it, but they like to pretend they don’t. And it doesn’t hurt, I guess in Bryan’s world, to throw in a side of arsehole with your big plate of hysteria.

2 thoughts on “Bryan Miller Now Using Open Carry Fundraising”

  1. Sex, fear, greed and exclusivity are the biggest selling tools. Look at any direct mail piece, or TV ad and you’re likely to see one of them, in some variation. e.g. greed will show up in saving money at WalMart or with Geico Insurance, sex and exclusivity in the Cadillac ad with the redhead (Kate Walsh?). They picked #2, probably the most effective trigger for their target audience. Hate to give the antis credit for anything and they’ll never admit it, but they’re exhibiting a knowledge of good business (gasp!) practices.

  2. I am surprised that Bryan can even run fast enough to jump on this bandwagon …

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