Bryan Miller on Aitken’s Pardon

Bryan Miller, who never met a gun owner he didn’t hate, has this to say about Brian Aitken’s clemency:

Bryan Miller, project director for the anti-gun violence group Ceasefire NJ, said only a “tiny majority” of people actually want to loosen the state’s gun laws. He hopes others don’t see the governor’s decision on Aitken as a precendent for “a get-out-of-jail free card for breaking our gun laws.”

Interesting that he didn’t have anything bad to say about the commutation of Aitken’s sentence. That goes to show Miller isn’t blinded by ideology to the point of stupidity. He’s hoping this doesn’t have greater implications for New Jersey’s gun laws, rather than trying to fight the media tide in favor of Governor Christie’s clemency.

20 thoughts on “Bryan Miller on Aitken’s Pardon”

  1. I expected more wailing and gnashing of teeth. And BTW, what is a “tiny majority”?

  2. Sebastian,

    Was there a bit of snark in your comment?

    “That goes to show Miller isn’t blinded by ideology to the point of stupidity.”

    ’cause I lol’d at that.

  3. Actually, he is not complaining because Brian Aitken has just gone from a cause celeb to a soon to be afterthought. I seriously doubt Aitken will continue to appeal beyond the current appeal. That means NJ’s laws are safe for some longer period of time.

  4. It’s pretty amusing the way you spin things too, Sebastian. Maybe Miller thinks the new gov is an NRA stooge, but the quote you picked up on just doesn’t lay it out. I like the way you flesh things out to fit your agenda, I do that too.

  5. Hasn’t Bryan Miller been too busy with protesting gun shops in other states like Maryland to worry about what Chris Christie did? I thought Ceasefire NJ was a mostly defunct organization now.

  6. Mikeb,

    Bryan Miller is a fool if he thinks that Christie is an NRA stooge. A quick Google search will show anybody who might want to know that Christie is actually in favor of NJ’s current gun laws.

    I don’t know how people like you and B. Miller can sleep at night. It seems that you people would rather let non-criminals (Aitken may have technically been in violation of NJ law, but he is no criminal in any meaningful sense) rot in jail, rather than allow a dent in the legitimacy of your “laws”.

  7. I guess time will tell. Maybe Brian will feel different after he has time to adjust and be free again. Maybe he will appeal his conviction and fight against the draconian laws that exists in the Peoples Republic of NJ. I hope the NJ Gun owners and the NRA and the SAF all battle together this State, and use this as the presidense to change MD and NY as well.

    Hey, it’s Christmas time, I can wish for anything I want!!

  8. Aitken has not been pardoned. Doing so would have mooted it appeal, which is his chance to clear his name. The appeal is still ongoing.

    Christie commuted Aitken’s sentence, which amounts to, “You’ve served enough time.”

  9. MikeB, who cares what Bryan Miller thinks. Like you, he is largely irrelevant.

  10. What Brian Miller thinks is a useful indicator of the state of mind of freedom’s enemies. In this case, it indicates that they are beyond despair and into resignation.

  11. At least mike admits to the same tactics that he accuses Sebastian of using…

  12. I like how mike’s blog is blocked at my job… yet all these “evil” gun blogs are not… :-P

    But from the content of his comments here and on other blogs, I feel that I may not be missing much.

  13. An important lesson to be learned here is to rethink dialing 911. In this case it was used as a form of self-incrimination. I certainly am going to have second thoughts about contacting the authorities for anything I might observe, firearms related or otherwise. Thanks to New Jersey’s intransigence, they have twisted the intended meaning of “abundance of caution” which would be the default position of dialing 911 to the opposite default of DO NOT dial 911. Can you say “law of unintended consequences?”

  14. mikeb,

    just perused your site…great crowd you got over there…

    Concerning a 13 year old shot by his brother..

    ” BantheNRA said…
    On the upside, there’s one less gun owner and hunter in world.”

    Stay classy bub.

  15. Brian Aitken “WILL” appeal his case.

    These sites are soooooo filled with spouters of their own unverified hot air. The big question is what will “Cryan Bryan Miller” do for his piece of rasin pie when his credibility(?) is even further eroded from dirt to dust. Puuuuuuke, Bryan, puuuuuke!!! A ‘real’ job might be on your horizon.

  16. Matt, you’re spot on brutha! I will never, ever,ever, call the police for “help”. They are more likely to hurt than help, especially here in Philly.

  17. RWC, That’s the perfect quote from my site to illustrate what we’re all about over there.

    You should watch Sebastian for a while. When he tries to spin something he’s a little bit slick about it. You’re like the proverbial bull in a china shop.

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