Georgia Carry Fixes

Looks like we’re getting a lot closer to passage. It looks like it’ll be a done deal to me. I’m glad to see the 1000 foot from a school nonsense eliminated. How is one supposed to know when one is within 1000 feet of a school? I live that close to one too, but you’d never know it. If PA had such a law, I couldn’t carry or transport guns. In fact, without an LTC, you’re technically in violation carrying a gun on the street outside my house, due to the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act. You can’t see the school, but it’s there.

I also understand this allows restaurant carry, and fixes the airport issue that cropped up after the last ease on restrictions.

3 thoughts on “Georgia Carry Fixes”

  1. HB89 passed in ’08 allows carry in restaurants, defined as any place that derives more than 50% of it’s income from food.

    SB308 Allows carry in Bars, although it is still illegal to discharge a firearm under the influence.

  2. “fixes the airport issue that cropped up after the last ease on restrictions”

    Methinks this is what is driving this bill. Last time ’round the state legalized carry in non-secured airport zones, but Atlanta violated the legalization by threatening heavy-fisted punishment of anyone found carrying there (prosecution may or may not result in conviction, but the threat of a major felony is “chilling” under color of law). Cheesed off by a subordinate jurisdiction thumbing its nose, the state is now proceeding to not only make the legalization unsuppressable, but is using the opportunity to expand RKBA further.

    Lesson: some battles should not be won, as that encourages the opposition to win the war. Atlanta may learn this the hard way.

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