CeaseFire Caught Lying

This whole CeaseFirePA effort to become politically relevant is turning into comedy. Apparently, the reason Tom Corbett didn’t bother responding to the questionnaire was because he didn’t care for the endorsement. His campaign said the questionnaire was to be used for endorsement purposes. But CeaseFire is all about education, right?

In a follow-up interview, Grace said he’d made repeated overtures to Corbett’s campaign over the phone, through e-mail and in-person at a March debate at the National Constitution Center in Philly, to get the AG to play ball on the questionnaire.

At no time did the question of an endorsement come up, Grace said.

“It was clear as could be,” he said. “We were seeking that the Attorney General, as with all the candidates, respond to the questionnaire.”

At no time! Never did any talk of endorsement every come up. Not at all.

Except, when it did. John Micek noted that the cover letter of the questionnaire does specifically say that the questionnaire is about earning the anti-gun group’s endorsement.

What muddies the waters, however, is language on the cover letter of the questionnaire which reads thus:

“To be considered for endorsement by CeaseFirePa, please complete the questionnaire and return it to CeaseFirePA no later than February 26, 2010.”

In standard anti fashion, now they swear that it’s not what they meant. And they promise that even though they did talk about an endorsement, they didn’t really mean it.

It sounds a lot like how they jump around on the issue of gun bans, too. “We’re not for taking people’s lawfully owned guns! Except for anything we don’t like. And we don’t like rifles, shotguns, or handguns.”

Tip to Joe Grace & his anti-gun friends: It’s a lot easier to cover up your lies when you don’t lie in the first place.

4 thoughts on “CeaseFire Caught Lying”

  1. Just like when CF NJ denied ANY connections to CF PA when certain embarrassing issues came to light even though their (now former) webpage and press releases touted them being ‘sister’ organizations and having personnel in common.

  2. Don’t they read the new play book? They’re supposed to do the MikeB302000 move of saying

    “I’m just joking, you idiots have no sense of humor!”

    It works EVERY time, and by “every” I mean “Never”

    Its a wonder we’re winning!

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