Internal Strife at CeaseFirePA?

Couldn’t help but notice at last night’s Radnor Township Board meeting:

  • Diane Edbril, former Executive Director of CeaseFirePA, shows up late to meeting, and sits on the side that had all the gun owners, rather than sitting with her fellow CeaseFirePA activists.
  • Diane Edbril looked agitated when another board member pulled her away from a question to let it be fielded by Joe Grace when the floor was opened to non-residents.
  • Diane Edbril leaves abruptly thereafter.

Maybe she’s a little upset that they put her out to pasture and hired Joe? I couldn’t blame her, but I couldn’t blame them either. When Edbril was running CeaseFirePA I thought they were a joke. Grace actually has me worried. Not so much because I think he’s going to get major gun control legislation passed, but because he’s serious about his issue, is using novel tactics, and probing for weaknesses in our armor. Joe Grace is sharp, serious, and committed to moving his issue forward. He is a dangerous opponent in this struggle.