CeaseFire Pennsylvania Issues Endorsements

CeaseFire PA has their list of endorsements out for this year.  The full list is here.  I notice that my State Representative carries a CeaseFire PA endorsement.  I will be voting for Frank Farry this election (even though he didn’t get his NRA questionnaire filled out!) due to this development.

If your state representative is on this list, be sure send him or her a message letting them know how unhappy you are with their endorsement by CeaseFire, and that you will be voting for their opponent in this upcoming election (if their opponent is pro-gun.  If not, just make sure they know how unhappy you are about this.)  We’re going to want these endorsements to cause headaches for the folks endorsed, and our numbers are lot higher than theirs.

3 thoughts on “CeaseFire Pennsylvania Issues Endorsements”

  1. I see my Democrat rep isn’t on their list. Not surprising, since his newsletter usually has a “Guns and Second Amendment” section.

  2. I notice that every organisation that is always pushing for more antigun laws always says they want common sence gun laws. Than every antigun law they support is based on lies. This is in the form of mostly bait and switch antigun bills. The way this works is a politician put what he wants into his antigun bill than lies to the people in order to get his bill passed. Every time one of these bills is pushed all one has to do is listen to what the backers of an antigun bill say about their bill than read the actual bill. You will think there are two different bills. Every “common sence” antigun bill introduced by the Democrats has been done this way. These antigun politicians know if they tell the American People the truth about guns. They will never get a gun control bill passed. Face it “common sence gun laws is code for lies. That is a fact.

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