NRA Introduces Separate DC Gun Rights Bill

SayUncle reported this morning on this NRA press release, about the introduction of a separate bill to repeal DC’s gun laws. I don’t have the details on this, but it looks like it hints that it may fix DC’s carry laws, saying it will “repeal the District’s burdensome gun registration requirement and ensure that firearms may be transported and carried for legitimate purposes”

I’m guessing NRA wouldn’t introduce a separate bill if DC Voting Rights Act weren’t well and truly dead. Perhaps NRA overestimated the degree to which the anti-gun Democrats were willing to roll over to get their pet bill through. We probably have a pretty good chance in the Senate to get something through, but as a separate bill, I don’t give it good chances of passage. I doubt Pelosi would allow the vote in the House. Even if Nancy Pelosi were willing to roll over so some of her blue dogs can get at least a little cover from NRA, you still have to get passed Obama’s veto.

3 thoughts on “NRA Introduces Separate DC Gun Rights Bill”

  1. Your analysis is correct. This bill is just a “shore up the base” move and has little chance of passing.

    BTW-I had that NRA lobbyist meeting i mentioned earlier :->

  2. NRA to the freshman class: “Pop quiz, kids! This will be part of your grade in November.”
    Even if it doesn’t get a floor vote NRA can include it on their questionnaires.

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