Win a Glock in Philly

It’s hard to believe this got covered in a Philadelphia media outlet in a way that didn’t make us all look completely insane.  The only quote from the anti-gun people:

“We have no quarrel with legitimate club owners and sportsmen,” CeaseFirePA executive director Joe Grace said. “I don’t know the particular gun club in South Philadelphia, but I believe he’s right.”

Makes you wonder if Joe Grace will extend that courtsey to opposing the insane and unlawful “assault weapons” ban that City Council is considering, which will ban many common sporting guns.  One also wonders whether Battette Josephs will show up to give Jimmy Mastroddi a piece of her mind for “raffling” off a gun in her city.  Either way, it’s a good article from Philly Metro.  It’s a shame that the mainstream Philly papers can’t seem to treat gun owners this fairly.

2 Responses to “Win a Glock in Philly”

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    I’m surprised Metro would post a story like this. They are usually somewhere left of The Daily News.

  2. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    Did you mean “Babette” instead of “Battette”?


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