NRA’s T-Shirt Terrorism

Josh Sugarmann is going way over the top again, trying to argue that NRA’s Gadsden Flag T-shirt is fomenting terrorism, along with standing up for the Constitution. I kid you not. One has to wonder whether Josh Sugarmann thinks that the United States Navy is also fomenting terrorism.

VPC is increasingly becoming an irreverent joke. A sad caricature of a dying movement.

7 thoughts on “NRA’s T-Shirt Terrorism”

  1. An Operations Specialist raising the Jack? How weird is that? He should be in CIC sitting at a radar repeater….

  2. Do the Joyce Foundation and others who are funding this knucklehead feel that they are getting their money’s worth? Please keep shoveling money at him so that he can keep releasing drivel like this.

  3. On the morning of 9/11, before the gift shop was closed at the Yorktown National Battlefield, the government sold me a Gadsden flag.

    So according to Sugarman and the VPC, the government advocates the overthrow of the government?

  4. As the Jack is raised in port I suspect the RADAR is shut down. The scope dope was likely standing standard in port quarterdeck watches.

  5. I guess you didn’t get the memo. Josh is an NRA plant. Don’t tell anyone. He is doing a great job undermining the anti-gunners from the inside, and making some good money while at it. I say, keep up the great work, Josh!

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