The ObaMessiah Issue

We’ve seen people praise Obama like he’s the Messiah. If you want to see that x10, well, just look forward to the 2012 election. I’m not just talking about the campaign workers.

Some are pushing the Department of Homeland Security to do a 2012 apocalypse-themed education campaign. I admit that it’s a witty theme for disaster preparedness. If I sold preparedness supplies, I would probably tap into it – at least based on the marketing data Yahoo mentions. But if the government hops on board with that theme in an election year for a President who has already been labeled a Messiah-like figure, it’s just going to make the crazy folks even crazier. I know I’m already tired of the nuttiness. I just want to get down to business and boot some lawmakers out, not deal with conspiracy theorists.

2 thoughts on “The ObaMessiah Issue”

  1. Sorry, the crazy not only is unavoidable, it is a fundamental feature of the upcoming 2012 elections.

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