Hysterics from VPC Over the Bushmaster ACR

Josh Sugarmann is wetting his pants because Bushmaster is recalling the ACR. Based on the fact that Bushmaster describes this problem as dangerous, I’m going to guess something like a hammer follow. Unfortunately for Josh, all semi-automatic firearms can malfunction in this way, not just evil assault weapons. The venerable M1 Garand (that’s still not an assault weapon right? Oh wait, no, it is) can certainly do it as well.

But Sugarmann seems to think this is some kind of gotcha “See! See! Assault weapons really are machine guns!”

5 thoughts on “Hysterics from VPC Over the Bushmaster ACR”

  1. Small but heartening point – of 38 comments sofar, every single one takes Sugarmann to task for his deliberate misrepresentations.

  2. And some those comments also make the point that the problem isn’t just dangerous because it could cause the gun to fire multiple bullets; it isn’t just because those bullets could be shot unexpectedly; it isn’t just that the gun could accidentally fire without pulling the trigger; but it’s dangerous because the gun could explode, hurting or even killing the person using the rifle.

    And all this is more dangerous than true auto-fire, because when you have a machine gun, you can reasonably expect to fire more than one bullet per trigger pull.

    Sugarmann’s points are even more stupid, when you take all this into account.

  3. Actually, one fine day in the Recreation Range at FFt. Lewis, my Garand started doubling, and more. With the RSO standing right behind me.
    Sear was worn. Bought a new one at the fun show the next weekend, and the dealer installed it for me.

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