CWI Bill Killed in New York Assembly

Jacob is reporting that Bloomberg’s Carrying While Intoxicated bill has been killed in the New York State Assembly. As I mentioned before, while I don’t support carrying while intoxicated, the New York Bill had some serious constitutional problems, in that refusing to surrender your Fourth Amendment rights meant you lost your Second Amendment rights.

This is a victory for the Bill of Rights, all around. Now Bloomberg can go back to the important issues, such as regulating people’s salt and trans-fat intake.

2 thoughts on “CWI Bill Killed in New York Assembly”

  1. I wouldn’t – the MADD-inspired current BAC limits are nuts; and breathalyzers are just this side of junk science.

    MADD has devolved into a Prohibitionist organization that prefers to punish the social drinkers moderately over pushing to punish the actualy harm-doers heavily, in a misguided attempt to prevent crime.

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