10 thoughts on “NRA Holiday Catalog”

  1. Notice that the article sneaks in the (also available in XXXL) dig? Is that all they have? Calling gun owners fat, paranoid cowards?

  2. He really doesn’t like the tactical pen…..which happens to be one of the gifts I gave the wife this year.
    Damn, I am so proud of myself!

  3. It gives me some pleasure to observe that Josh’s only contributions to this issue are to ridicule gun owners and try to paint the NRA as radical.

    The big crybaby who wet his pants, indeed.

  4. PSH from Sugarmann is a good thing. If you haven’t scared him, you aren’t armed.

    And if you aren’t armed, you are a victim.

    ‘Nough said on that subject. I live to be the guy who Sugarmann lives in fear of, even though I’m totally harmless unless threatened.

  5. While I kind of feel sorry for Josh … you know … he can’t seem to get anywhere with his work … would I be a bad person if I said I would still like to kick him in the nuts, just on general principle?

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