Bloomberg Not Liking the Hope and Change

He joins with the Brady crowd that the Administration isn’t doing squat to further Mayors Against Illegal Guns Gun Control agenda. Apparently Bloomberg sent a scathing letter to Obama demanding that more be done. Because you know, beating up on gun owners after pissing everyone off on health care worked so well for the Democrats in 1994. Here’s what Bloomberg had to say:

“We appreciate the Department’s consideration of the report, but this is an urgent matter: further delay will almost certainly result in the needless loss of innocent lives, including many children. Mr. President, the time has come for action,” the mayors write. “Over the past six months, approximately 6,000 Americans have been gunned down in intentional acts of violence. The 40 recommendations in our Blueprint, many of which could be enacted immediately, offer the best hope we have for making our country safer over the next six months – and the years ahead.”

It’s for the children, you see. Man. Add some caps lock action to that and it could have been written by Abby Spangler. Think of the CHILDREN, and the SCONES. WHY WON’T ANYONE THINK OF THE SCONES!?!?!?!?

19 thoughts on “Bloomberg Not Liking the Hope and Change”

  1. The only person I know who likes pork rinds is George H.W. Bush, and I would think you guys would have liked him. His import ban is the only AWB regulation that survives to this day.

    Of course, he put Thomas on the Court, who helped win Heller. But he also put Souter on the Court, who voted against us. So I figure it evens out.

  2. Sebastian, you like pork rinds. That’s your real agenda. You say you just want to do one thing, but your secret agenda is pork rinds.

    And any day now, Obama is going to ban them. He’s waiting to pounce.

  3. I’m not that worried. Now if Obama had promised not to ban pork rinds during his campaign, then I’d be worried and would start stockpiling in hopes of cashing in on the post-ban pork rhind craze. Assuming there was grandfathering for those which were already manufactured.

  4. It’s always so reassuring to have a friendly exchange with your friends, Sebastian. They’re always so open minded and human.

  5. “Hey, I’m just happy no one seized on your last comment as proof that I was in cahoots with the other side.”

    I must ask you, sir– are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Brady Campaign? (chuckle)

  6. “Of course not. I only load my cartridges with rainwater, and pure grain alcohol.”

    Good. You must deny they the purity of your essence.

  7. It’s payback, Hamm – for a 10+ year slow-motion hate crime perpetrated by your kind against ours.

  8. So which size and flavor pork rinds are acceptable to the scone lobby? I’m sure you think some are too small, some too large, and some too spicy for us to safely handle. Which pork rinds are “just right”

  9. So “open-minded” now means “willing to ignore all available sound research, logic and historical evidence and granting equal weight to emotion-driven rhetoric and laughable pseudo-science that consistently is contradicted by actual experience”?

    Good to know.

    As for “human”, I, in a Kantian sense, always associated that quality with reason.

  10. All jesting aside, remind me of how many people convicted by the Bloomberg stings showing multiple people engaging in unlawful behavior? Wait… That’s right. He didn’t turn it over to prosecutors. He only used it to further drive his agenda.

    And Sebastian, it is obvious to me that Peter’s agenda is to totally blow your street cred by saying that you are alright.

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