VPC Jumping to Conclusions?

Josh Sugarmann, with the taste and class we’ve come to know him for, is smearing permit holders with the loon who threatened Eric Cantor. Except they are relying on a statement from the family, and I think it’s possible the Philly Inquirer jumped to a conclusion that was incorrect:

Peter Leboon was concerned because his brother, who he said began showing signs of mental instability three years ago, had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

“The last time I tried to get him help, we searched the whole house, six or seven of us, we couldn’t find the gun,” Peter Leboon said. “I found the permit, though, and destroyed it. Whatever happened to that gun, who knows?”

Given that Philadelphia will revoke an LTC if you spit on the sidewalk, I find this difficult to believe. The report says the guy had multiple run-ins with law enforcement. Even in fair jurisdictions, the Sheriffs are liable to revoke in that instance. I’m going to suggest what the family found was the copy of the Application/Record of Sale, which looks very official, and kind of like a permit, and the Inquirer took this to mean he had an LTC. I might be wrong, Maybe he did have an LTC, but this is the problem with Josh’s “Google Research.” He’s relying on reporting by a media who know nothing about this issue, and who very well might have gotten this completely wrong based on a misunderstanding. I sure wish I could get paid what Josh does to compile research by searching on the├é┬áInternet.

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  1. “I sure wish I could get paid what Josh does to compile research by searching on the Internet.”

    No shit! Why is it they have a market for essentially what we do just against rights.

    I wants my NRA Wheelbarrow!

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