Inquirer Article on Mary McFate

The Philly Inquirer naturally couldn’t resist covering this one:

“She must be very good at what she does, because a whole bunch of very smart people were completely hoodwinked by this,” said Diane Edbril, CeaseFire PA’s executive director between 2004 and 2007.

Edbril hosted McFate at her Radnor home in July 2007, when McFate flew up from her home in Sarasota to attend a CeaseFire PA board meeting.

“She was in my guest room. Was she looking through stuff in my house?” Edbril was asking herself yesterday.

Ona Hamilton, whose local Million Mom March group evolved into CeaseFire PA in 2002, asked McFate to be on CeaseFire PA’s first board. McFate at the time was a board member for Pennsylvanians Against Handgun Violence. Hamilton said McFate would rail against her fellow board members in that organization for being too soft on the NRA, Hamilton said.

The article later goes on to suggest that many feel she still helped the movement a good deal through hard work and good ideas.  As I said previously, that would be the main problem I would have doing something like this.  I’m not willing to help the other side to the degree needed to get that kind of information.

Nonetheless, as much as I might be sympathetic with Diane Edbril’s feelings of betrayal, attempting to destroy part of the Constitution of the United States and part of the Constitution of this commonwealth isn’t trivial business.  I am willing to accept quite a lot of harsh tactics, within the bounds of the law, in order to preserve it.

3 thoughts on “Inquirer Article on Mary McFate”

  1. It’s too bad Diane doesn’t feel equally bad about her own ongoing betrayal of the Constitution – something much bigger and more significant to many more people than she amounts to or the feelings of a couple little people.

  2. This has them so upset they still haven’t removed Mary McFate from their board of directors list.

    I just checked and chuckled again.

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