Lawsuit in Massachusetts Case

Looks like the family of Christopher Bizilj is suing the organizers of the machine gun shoot. There were certainly multiple lapses in judgement that day, but I don’t think it’s a fantastic stretch to suggest that most reasonable parents would understanding giving their eight year old a micro Uzi and a full magazine, and letting him rock and roll, wasn’t the most prudent choice in the world. There are plenty of firearms that are safe for kids in that age group. Hell, there are machine guns (tripod mounted guns that have their point of aim fixed in a safe direction) that are safe for that age group. But not a micro-Uzi. Even for an untrained adult, that’s a tough gun to handle.

4 thoughts on “Lawsuit in Massachusetts Case”

  1. As I said when this first happened it is the fault of the parents and noone else. If I was on this jury this is what I would hold out for. this is a stupid lawsuit which never should have been brought forward. The judges nee to NIP THESE IN THE BUD.

  2. You’re talking about a “Gimme State” like Massachusetts where judges are very liberal – with everyone else’s money. Gimme gimme gimme. That’s why their government-run healthcare system went bankrupt after only 3 years.

    The parent should be held 80% accountable, but the person who was manning the table should be held at least 15% accountable because he should have known what the machine gun would do, esp. in the hands of a child, without the proper strength and training to hold onto the gun. The organizer of the event should be held 5% accountable for not making sure that all his men were qualified to run their respective booths.

    I work in an archery pro shop and just as i would not over-bow you by giving you a bow that you cannot safely and efficiently draw back, hold and shoot, so should the person who manned that booth have known better than to hand over a fully loaded machine gun to a child.

  3. I like the way the second commenter described the shared responsibility. But if we’re going to go that far, why not consider if the rest of you also share in this. You do after all encourage people to shoot guns and raise their kids in the gun culture. You do know that some people who receive that message from you aren’t all that intelligent. Are you doing everything you should to incorporate safety and common sense along with the message that guns are good and fun and cool? I don’t think you are. I’m afraid you’re all involved.

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