Listen to Gun Nuts Radio Tonight at 9PM

Ashley Varner from NRA will be on Gun Nuts Radio tonight at 9PM to talk about the Chicago case, and various happenings in Caleb’s home state of Indiana. Ashley previously worked in NRA-ILA Public Affairs, and handled the outreach for the bloggers, so we know her fairly well. She has since moved up as State Liaison for Oklahoma, Indiana, and her home state of Missouri. State Liaison is essentially the NRA representative to the states, and NRA’s presence in the State Capitol. She is a lobbyist, but that’s not all a State Liaison is involved with. Ashley has been involved with the fight against MAIG in the states she’s responsible for, and with Pennsylvania being the front lines in that battle, I feel good knowing she’s guarding our flanks in Indiana, Oklahoma and Missouri. So tune in tonight at 9 if you can, and feel free to call in if you want to ask her some questions about liaising, or other gun rights topics.