Brady Member on Airsoft

I’m going to partly agree with a Brady Campaign person, on the issue of airsoft guns:

You see, Santa, many of these guns are nearly exact replicas of real handguns in both appearance and feel, even if they do fire cute little colored “pellets” instead of real bullets. I know you understand handguns aren’t toys and that they are lethal, hand-held machines made solely to kill another human. So why would you put a pellet-firing replica into the hands of a child as if it were a toy?

There’s a lot of gun hating rhetoric and fear mongering in this article, but I will say that some parents buy airsoft guns for their kids without enough proper instruction as to the safe handling of firearms and air guns, and without proper supervision.

While I wouldn’t support any laws restricting airsoft guns, I do think parents need to use common sense and make sure their kids are educated enough to know that airsoft guns are not toys.  They look like real guns, and they can injure if used improperly.

I think playing airsoft is fine for older kids under the proper supervision of adults, using proper safety equipment, and at a facility designated for that purpose.  It’s fine to expose children to both firearms and air guns, provided they are properly trained and educated on safe use by a responsible adult.  I not only think it’s fine, I think it’s something every parent should think about.

Tim Heyne might think it’s best for parents to never expose kids to guns, but guns are with us now, and always will be in some fashion.  It’s best if the kids aren’t ignorant, and know how to be safe.

6 thoughts on “Brady Member on Airsoft”

  1. I always liked the argument, “If you found a gun, would you know how to make sure it’s safe?” Even anti-gun parents could get something out of teaching their kids how to safely unload a firearm and keep it pointed in safe direction if they ever came across one at a friend’s house.

  2. Like with any weapon, which would include BB/pellet guns, my dad would treat them like a real gun. All rules applied to it as the other. This is called education and learing responsiblity, not to mention being a parent. So, yes Brady is kind of right, illuding to the age approriate of the airsoft guns and some supervision is required with their use. Sadly, we have a many parents who are clueless and this is how kids get an eye put out or worst.

  3. Obviously the BC has recognized the NRA is to big to take on and has therefore decided to go after the National Toy Rifle Assoc.

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