This is Just Awful

I can’t imagine giving an interview to the press if my son had just been killed in an accident.  You can kind of tell the father is still in shock.  Apparenty it was the first time his kid had ever shot an automatic:

Christopher was accompanied by a trained professional as he held the 9-mm Micro Uzi machine gun at the Westfield Sportsman’s Club Sunday afternoon, but Bizilj said he doesn’t think the shooting guide was holding the weapon as his son pressed the trigger.

A micro-Uzi?   Are you kidding me?  No way in hell would I ever let an eight year old fire a micro-Uzi.  Even an adult first time machine pistol shooter would need a good bit of instruction before handing them a full magazine to dump.  Dad may not have been familiar with machine pistols, but the “trained professional” sure-as-shit should have known better.

One thought on “This is Just Awful”

  1. No arguments from me. A full-size UZI with a .22 conversion is one thing…the rate of fire and muzzle climb on a micro are a challenge for even an experienced shooter the first time they encounter it. Add to that the design of the UZI (mag through the grip and grip safety) which make it a bit chunky to hold and in small hands are a recipe for disaster.

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