Damage Control

Gun Clubs in Massachusetts are talking about how safe they are:

“We look at safety so seriously that any accident, especially a fatal accident like this, is going to rock our members for years,” Wallace said.

“But this is so rare; if you look at other activities kids are involved in, shooting sports at the ranges is probably the safest activity kids can get involved in,” he said.

It’s all true, but most people are smart clubs are smart enough to know you don’t give an eight year old a micro-uzi and let him try to dump a magazine.

One thought on “Damage Control”

  1. Maybe I’ve just got a touch of PSH, but if I’m going to give a kid a gun I’m going to want some evidence that he has some clue of what he’s doing. For a fully-automatic pistol, I’m going to want to see him shooting a pistol with serious recoil first. To shoot a pistol with serious recoil, I’m going to want to see him shooting a milder-recoiling pistol first, and on the line down to him not getting a high-powered BB gun until I’ve seen him be careful with the toy ones you buy at the grocery store. Similar rules apply for adults: if I think you’re going to drop it and scream, no gun for you until you’ve shown otherwise.

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