Coolest… Mug… Evar!!

I think I need to get one of these just for the sheer ridiculousness of it. A Picatinny railed mug that I can attach a standard AR carry handle to? I’m sold!

UPDATE: Considering the 200 dollar plus price tag, maybe I’m not sold. I’d be willing to pay 20 bucks for such a novelty, maybe even 30, or 40 on a good day. But no way over 100. Yet, I still think they will sell enough of these to make money.

11 thoughts on “Coolest… Mug… Evar!!”

  1. Having spoken with Joe (the Hero Gear proprietor) concerning those very mugs, I can guarantee you that they are selling faster than they can be CNC’d. They are, logically enough, quite popular with the hardcore military segments of society, especially those that have considerable discretionary incomes from spending even more-considerable amounts of time in locations where spending money is downright hard.

  2. I notice they sell quantities of 50 for agencies. I’m sure someone somewhere is spending our tax dollars on these.

    I really like these but I would never spend more on a mug than I would a lower. Now, if they would like to send me one for review, I would be happy to write one. I’d even disclose it for the FCC.

  3. ” I’m sure someone somewhere is spending our tax dollars on these.”

    If they are, taxpayers are getting “mugged”.

  4. I wonder if if this is what Caleb was using.

    Also, i wonder how long it will be until someone puts a red dot on it.

  5. It seems like a crappy design; when you’re holding the handle at 90* to you face for drinking, you’re going to be sucking on a 1913 rail which can affect lip seal and irritate the chin. I think it would be better to leave more room at the top above the rails, or only put rails on 2-3 sides.

    Oh, yeah. And “they should have casts made” was the first thing to pop into my head, too.

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