The Age of Charles Bronson has Ended

I know more than a few gun owners who loved the novelty of having a carry license from Florida with Charles Bronson‘s name on it. Alas, the era of Charles Bronson giving out gun permits is over. Now, you’ll have Adam Putnam’s name on it.

It may not have the novelty factor, but Florida is lucky to have a guy like Putnam in public service.

6 thoughts on “The Age of Charles Bronson has Ended”

  1. Charles Bronson ran a good office too. I had issues with getting my CCW permit, and his office called me to explain everything. And never once did he shoot me with a Wildey .475 Magnum.

  2. I suspect the same level of attention will be paid by Adam Putnam. Though I don’t know his favorite gun. I do know he really does hunt, though. And he looks hot as hell fishing.

  3. You know, now that Adam is back local, I should see what I can do to get to meet him in person. He was my representative as it was and I kept tabs on him. He voted about 80% where I’d have liked him to, which is about as good as you can expect.

    His office always replied to my emails and it was clear they read them for more than just keywords.

    Honestly though, I would have not voted for him again as a rep. Not because I don’t like him, but because I believe in term limits, and if I can’t get them into law, I just have to do them the old fashioned way.

  4. Robb

    He didn’t want to stay in the same old position – because he believed in them too.

    Another endearing quality.

    Adam’s a great guy. And is the only person I know who has cleaned up more than I have at the CSF Congressional shoot silent auction.

  5. Though expired (and now useless to me anyway), I am keeping my “Charles Bronson” license as a memento!

  6. I have to give kudos to our Charles Bronson. He streamlined the CWP system and got it moving fast. Add to that having offices where a citizen could walk in with the class certificate, the money and have very courteous people do everything digitally (Form filling, fingerprints and photo) is an amazing feat of customer service in government. Add to that a waiting time of 3 to 4 weeks for your license to arrive.
    And yes, I am keeping mine too.

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