New Jersey Gov Race

Jim Geraghty reports on how the gun issue is playing in the New Jersey Governor’s race. Truth is that Christie isn’t really our guy, but it’s an improvement moving to someone who isn’t going to gun owners as a punching bag. Get some breathing room, then work on the legislature. I would encourage all Garden State gun owners to get out and vote for Christie. Volunteer for him if you can. Don’t expect miracles, but he’ll be an improvement over Corzine.

6 thoughts on “New Jersey Gov Race”

  1. Republican Pataki was supposed to be an improvement over Democrat Cuomo. Cuomo never could get his AWB through. Pataki’s gone now, but his AWB is still in place.

  2. Christine Todd Whitman was sitting near us at a restaurant a few months ago. I was never a big fan, but those were the good old days compared to McGreevy / Corzine.

  3. Electing a pro-gun governor in New Jersey is nearly impossible. Instead, we should be focused on McDonald v. Chicago, and chipping away at unconstitutional gun control laws. New Jersey/Corzine is to gun rights as Alabama/Wallace was to civil rights. The house of cards will eventually fall if we are unrelenting.

  4. “…he’ll be an improvement over Corzine.

    Set the goal high, why don’t you? /sarc

    A single celled amoeba would be an improvement over Corzine.

  5. You live in New Jersey. It’s a long road back out, but it has to start, at least, by punishing Corzine for what he’s done to you.

  6. It is looking more like Daggert (Independent) is going to spoil the race in favor of Corzine.

    I listened to Christie on Fox News last night and he said “we have an illegal gun problem in New Jersey.” Oh really??? Geez, I didn’t know that. Ergo, does it really matter who gets elected?

    If Corzine loses the race, he will not feel reprimanded. What he will do is absurdly argue how powerful the “gun lobby” is and use the outcome to fool people who are ignorant of the issues into supporting even more gun controls. I think we will be better off quietly voting for Christie and hoping Corzine sinks on his own for his failed economic policies, without us giving him a hook to hang his hat on.

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