We are the Mainstream

When I see CSGV crying in their cornflakes about Living Social shooting coupons, it catches my attention. I assumed they just swiped a link from one of the many I highlighted last week that revealed more than 11,100 people may have hit up the range due to Living Social bargains.

Instead, they are complaining about a current Chicago deal that treats folks to a wine tasting after they are done shooting. For only $65 bucks, you also get a meal in the deal. The best part is the purchase count. The total as I’m typing? 2,027. And the number keeps rising as I refresh.

UPDATE: As a commenter points out, the deal has sold out since this posted with 2,110 sold. When I initially looked at the deal, it was less than 2,000 sold.

5 thoughts on “We are the Mainstream”

  1. Well, that deal is sold out now… so I guess CSGV won’t have to cry too much more… well, unless the organizer figures that it was popular enough to do a couple times a year. How about a shoot and ski? Pistols and a picnic? Guns and Ginger Bread Houses for Christmas?

  2. This is how you win people over and make them pro gun. One lesson, day at the range, or shot at a time. I’ve yet to ever take an on the fence person or anti person shooting and not sway them to our side. It really does work. Clubs, FFLs, and ranges should be promoting the hell out of the shooting sports right now. It really does not take much to make someone pro gun.

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