Met With the State Rep

We met with our State Representative, Frank Farry, while we were in Harrisburg.  We had a nice conversation with him on the issues, and I think we have much common ground.  Representative Farry will be a solid legislator on our issue if we can help him stay in office for the next couple of terms, and get his seat a little safer.

It’s challenging being in a suburban district, in a relatively anti-gun media market, and he’ll no doubt be under a lot of pressure to mediate his stand.  We seem to be off to a good start.  He told a story of an NRA member who took his magazine into the voting booth at the same time Rep. Farry was voting himself.  On the way out the man said “I was with you until I saw this in the magazine,” referring to the giant “?” next to his name, because his campaign manager didn’t get the NRA questionaire in on time.  It’s because of guys like that, who take their magazines into the voting booth, that we’re still in good shape.  Now, if Representative Farry, and dozens of other suburban lawmakers stand with us on issues, it is incumbent on us to do everything we can to help them fight off challengers to their seats, and those challengers will surely come.  This is a tough issue in the suburbs, and politicians are balancing a lot of issues.  Particularly for new legislators, we have to be especially proactive at keeping them on our side.

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  1. Good story. And timely, as I sent the following email (private detail redacted, of course) to Dave Foster who is running for the Republican Nomination to be Virginia Attorney General.

    Mr. Foster

    I am a McLean resident, a long time member of the Fairfax Republican Party and Precinct Captain (******* and ********), and currently registered to be a Delegate to the Virginia Republican Convention next month. It was with much shock that I learned you are the only Republican candidate not to respond to the candidate survey offered by the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

    While my feelings on who to support in this years campaign for Virginia Attorney General have changed from week to week, the fact that of the three candidates you are the only one – and indeed the only Republican – who has not responded to VCDL’s survey is disconcerting.

    As a Delegate to the convention, my family and I are being bombarded by campaign materials, volunteer phone calls, abnd other forms of outreach from all three campaigns. Yet, the ability of those efforts to sway my vote pales in comparison to the answers a candidate provides to long standing survey of an important and powerful Virginia grass roots organization like VCDL.

    As a Delegate, and a neighbor, I am requesting that you respond to the VCDL survey quickly so that I can make a fully informed choice heading into the convention. Without a response, I will be unable to fully and fairly evaluate your candidacy and be forced to vote for one of your opponents.

  2. Just be happy knowing that you stand a chance with PA Representatives. I live in South NJ. I have spoken with my reps on pro gun issues. I have never even received a phone call back, or an email, or a standardized form letter. I have been contemplating moving to PA because of this. No rep in this state truly represents me.

  3. Farry is a lying bastard. He told me that while he supported 2nd amendment rights, he was in favor of limits on some “types” of guns and would support hand guns limits ala Fast Eddy Rendell.

    Secondly, the NRA questionnaire gets sent out like 2 months before the deadline to send it in. Blaming the campaign manager is as good as saying my dog at my homework.

    Its really pathetic that you would believe this nonsense.

  4. Mark,

    All I have is his word at this point. If he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth, then it’ll show up in the way he votes. If he votes the wrong way, he gets no help. You sometimes need to take a gamble on a new guy. All that matters is that he votes the right way.

  5. Thank you for attending! If we only had more educated, articulate people attending these types of events, we could rest slightly. Some of the elected officials only get to see the look of criminals that carry guns from the front page of the newspapers.

    My job, and this time of year keep me from many positive rallies. Motorcycle and 2nd Amendment to name a few. But trust me my local reps offices get letters and visits from me twice a year!

    Great job!!

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