1000+ On Rotunda!

All in all, I’d say it was a very successful day.  This was, without a doubt, the largest rally of any of the past ones I’ve attended.  I’d estimate turnout of over 1000.  The Capitol Police said they were turning away people because they couldn’t fit them all on the rotunda.

I checked my Glock and Kel-Tec with the Capitol Police when I came in, and they had to escort me to their lockers downstairs in their offices, because the arms locker by the security checkpoint had overflowed.  I was a bit confused about how they handled the security checkpoint.  I declared my firearm, and the officer asked me to empty stuff onto the x-ray belt.  I started pulling my KelTec out (with the holster), and had it in my hand and he corrected me not to put the gun (in the holster) on the x-ray belt.  He waved me to go through the metal detector, which beeps like all hell because I had two guns on me.  It is not an instinctive act to go through metal detectors while armed, and I wanted to be sure I understood the instructions correctly.  Got escorted downstairs, and got a receipt for the guns.  Checking out was no problem.  Show driver’s license, show LTC, verify serial numbers matched the receipt, and we’re good to go.

I’m happy to report that we seem to be continuing the tradition of PAFOA people getting screamed out of Babbett Joseoph’s office.  She shouted some hate at a group this year too, saying “I think you people are crazy.”  Apparently never having looked in a mirror herself.  Most of the other Philadelphia politicians who are against us are cordial, and hear us out.  Not her!  Bitter and I stopped in to a few of our area politicians who have been supportive to introduce ourselves, and talk about the issue, and our concerns, and explain what we do and what we can offer them.  The Philadelphia suburbs are changing politically, and we’re not going to hold on to them if we don’t get organized.  Remember, Rendell was able to buck NRA by keeping quiet on guns, and by playing up to his natural base in the Philadelphia suburbs.  We are the hinge on which the state pivots.  We lose the Philly suburban legislators on guns, and we lose the state.  That’s what’s at stake in our districts.

Had a nice talk with NRA’s State Liaison, John Hohenwarter.   Bitter and I were looking for some advice on how to get connected with people and other activists he might know in our area.  We’re really looking to have a good ground game together for the 2010 elections.

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  1. sorry i didn’t see you there, but i had a good time anyway. i spent some time following Kim Stolfer of Firearms Owners Against Crime. I got to speak to the Chief of Staff to my Senator, Lisa Boscola. he was pretty definate about the Senator supporting the Castle bill. i will follow up with a letter to her asking her to co-sponsor the Senate bill that is apparently being drafted by Senator Richard Alloway. It was a lot more fun than i had expected.

  2. I ran into your group once, so you might have seen me but didn’t realize it. You guys were at the bottom of the escalators, and Bitter and I said hi to Kim and Dan.

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