Markell Looking to Screw First State Gun Owners

Looks like newly elected Delaware Governor Jack Markell is joining his buddy Ed Rendell in denouncing firearms that look like assault weapons.

Markell’s gun initiatives include:

  • Banning what gun-control advocates call assault weapons, semiautomatic rifles with military characteristics such as large-capacity magazines, flash suppressors and pistol grips or thumbhole stocks.
  • Exempting Wilmington from the state law that prohibits counties and municipalities from enacting gun ordinances.
  • Limiting what he termed “bulk purchases” of handguns.
  • Closing the “gun-show loophole.” Licensed firearms dealers selling at gun shows must perform the state and federal background checks required by law.

I’m sure a lot of competitive shooters would be surprised to discover that thumbhole stocks were a dangerous feature to have on their rifles.  There’s a pretty good chance the Governor doesn’t have the votes to get this passed.

“Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear from any of my proposals on guns,” Markell said, adding that his goal is to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

Yes, which is exactly why you’re talking about banning certain scary looking semi-automatics for everybody, and probably a few non-scary guns if they can get away with it..  Do these people listen to themselves when they talk?

3 thoughts on “Markell Looking to Screw First State Gun Owners”

  1. Markell’s not actually thinking about what he’s saying, just repeating tired Brady talking points.

    There’s some stuff in there that we absolutely CANNOT allow. It’s all bad of course, but some of it is really bad.

  2. I have recently begun discussions with some of the liberals I know and brought up the topic of the “assault weapons” ban. All of them thought it was a good idea and that we really needed it. None of them knew what an “assault weapon” was.
    Most thought they were machine guns or even any rifle at all.
    I tried to educate them on their own misinformation but have little hope of actually changing their minds.
    Still, it’s a lot of fun making them feel like the mindless drones they are, repeating their mantra endlessly in the hope it will become true.

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