The Silver Lining: Frank Farry Wins!

My State Representative, Chris King, who’s grade dropped from an A- to a C-, was ousted by Frank Farry.   Frank’s NRA grade was “?” because he didn’t get his questionare in, so I could send him no volunteers.  But I did talk to him, and got a reassurance he was a good guy on our issue.  This is a win for gun owners.  It’s also a win for class.  Seriously, how much of a goober are you if you don’t show up to thank your supporters and congratulate your opponent?  I think it’s safe to say Chris King’s political career is finished.  Frank Farry ran a stellar campaign, and to oust an incumbent as a Republican in a Democratic election year is a testament to that.  I hope we’ll be able to work with Frank moving forward, and that he’ll earn an NRA endorsement for 2010.

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