National Review Speaking the Truth

They are definitely getting better about covering Second Amendment issues:

That is not hair-splitting, inasmuch as high-capacity magazines for Glocks were and are commonplace — almost as commonplace as Glocks themselves — and remained so even while their manufacture and importation were banned. Most Glock 9mm magazines are usable in any Glock 9mm pistol, regardless of model. Glock makes at least four different 9mm pistols at the moment — 9mm being one of the most common calibers — and a high-capacity magazine sold for almost any of those could have been used in the Glock 19. Third-party manufacturers make them as well, and have made them for years and years, meaning that AWB or no AWB, finding one is not very difficult. The only difference the AWB is likely to have made is that the shooter would have had a used magazine instead of a new one (assuming he did in fact have a new one), and he probably would have paid five bucks more for it.

Most of the magazines I own I bought during the ban. Most of the magazines I own hold more than ten rounds. With the exception of Glock factory mags, which did get more expensive during the ban, prices were unaffected. Magazines are and were always plentiful. Glock aftermarket magazines were still cheap during the ban. There’s good evidence the shooter used an aftermarket magazine.

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  1. During the ban, I bought “replacement” Glock magazine bodies and assembled them with readily available parts so I could have full capacity mags for cheap. OEM glock mags were about $100-125 each toward the end of the ban. I was rolling my own for about $30 each.

    I had an HK compact 9mm and discovered that the 10rd OEM .40 Cal mags would fit 13rds of 9mm and functioned flawlessly with 9mm if you bent the feed lips in slightly.

    AR mags were plentiful at all times and the most expensive ones were about $30 each if I remember correctly.

  2. Kevin Williamson even commented on my blog. Nice to have a 2A advocate over in Mr Buckley’s fortnightly periodical.

  3. As if cost was a factor. Something tells me the shooter wasn’t worrying about his credit card balance in the days leading up to the shootings.

    To-do list:

    1. Commit mass murder
    2. Look for part-time job to help pay off Visa card

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