One-Gun-a-Month Pulled in New Jersey

Gun rationing was up in New Jersey today, as we mentioned last week.  The bill was pulled by its supporters at the last minute in order to, once again, avert defeat.  See, if the legislature has a floor vote, and the measure is defeated, that bill is dead.  It has to be reintroduced, and the process started anew.   By pulling it from the agenda, it’s still alive, and can come back another day.  In the mean time, Cody and Corzine will have time to twist arms, and try to come up with the votes they need.

So those of you in New Jersey: don’t stop calling.  It’s working.  We may actually defeat this.

6 thoughts on “One-Gun-a-Month Pulled in New Jersey”

  1. Up until 3 years ago, I had spent my entire life (56 years) in New Jersey. My understanding of New Jersey gun laws is that hand gun ownership, by anyone except a law enforcement officer, is not possible. In theory an ordinary person CAN own a hand gun, but the discretionary power given to local police chiefs result in requests from NON-law enforcement officers being rejected. Is this a correct understanding?
    I now live in northwestern Wyoming and purchased a hand gun after moving here.

  2. Jack:

    New Jersey residents who are complete civilians actually can legally own handguns in this state, but only the retired cops and politically-connected ever get carry permits. It’s a rather lengthy and arduous process just to obtain the pistol purchase permit as it is already, but that’s still not enough for governor seatbelt the limousine liberal here. He just wants another vapid feel-good law, the “one handgun a month” law that is, rather than do anything to really punish violent criminals and gang members in this state. The ironic thing is that it often takes more than a month to obtain the pistol purchase permit under the existing law in New Jersey, due to how some police departments treat the applicants.

    Governor seatbelt is the same guy who also revoked the death penalty in 2008, which actually spared the life of a twofold cop killer who had been on New Jersey’s death row for several years already and had exhausted much of the appeals process. This just goes to show what his priorities are – punish the guns and hug the criminals.

  3. Snowflakes in hell! I don’t think there will be any of those there. Hahahaha! But back on topic. Hey I don’t think this enforcement is such a bad idea.

  4. I don’t think you should ration a constitutional right. There are plenty of legitimate reasons people could have for purchasing more than one firearm at a time. The burden should be on those who propose it will lower crime, when there’s no evidence it will do any such thing.

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