Inquirer Story on NJ Gun Rationing

The Inquirer is naming names on the One-Gun-A-Month bill being pulled in the New Jersey Senate:

But the plan received only 20 of the 21 “yes” votes yesterday needed for approval. Every Democrat supported the plan except for Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney and State Sen. Fred Madden, both of Gloucester County, and State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D., Cape May). Every Republican voted no, except for State Sens. Phil Haines (R., Burlington) and Jennifer Beck (R., Monmouth), who abstained.

It’s critical that New Jersey gun owners call the offices of the representatives listed who voted no on this and thank them.  New Jersey Republicans are showing an unusual discipline on this issue, and they deserve some praise for it as well.  Call the two abstainers too, and tell them you would like them to vote no.

Oh, and be sure to tell them you saw the article in the Inquirer that said they voted no.  No doubt Bryan Miller’s friends at the bankrupt Philadelphia Inquirer are hoping to generate the opposite response.  Let us stick it to them!

One thought on “Inquirer Story on NJ Gun Rationing”

  1. Called and thanked him! We really need to keep this up. With enough momentum, we could get something worthwhile done.

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