Evan Nappen on New Jersey One-Gun-A-Month Bill

Evan Nappen is the foremost authority on New Jersey gun laws, which is no small feat, given how complicated they are.  He takes a look at the new one-gun-a-month bill passed by the House and Senate and concludes it has a number of drafting problems, including restricting dealers to getting one gun a month from distributors, allowing gun owners who want to dispose of a firearm collection only transfer one-gun-a-month to a dealer, and even fails to make certain exception for armed forces.  Evan says the law is so bad, it will virtually end retail handgun sales in New Jersey.  Maybe that was the point.

4 thoughts on “Evan Nappen on New Jersey One-Gun-A-Month Bill”

  1. Ahhh, the Law of Unintended Consequences.
    Just watch tax revenues plummet. And of course the businesses will complain (as they should).
    When / if the Jersey legislature gets done re-writing this mess, they’ll find it so poorly written in the other direction that it will be almost as meaningless as the original.

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