Video Games Destroying our Youth

We have found close relative of Mr. Elite Team Fighter, who has no doubt been spending too much time playing video games.  I would also guess his dad is going to be pissed when he finds out junior taped a toilet paper roll to the scope of his deer rifle.  Watch, and enjoy:


And kids, if you want to “exercise your Second Amendment”, assuming you can spell it correctly, why don’t you try going to the range and learning how to shoot before making a fool of yourself before thousands of people on Al Gore’s Internets.

Thanks to SayUncle for finding this one.  I’m sure this will make the rounds.

UPDATE: Look at this video for a great demonstration of this guy’s long range shooting prowice.  Keep in mind that a 300 yard shot with a .30-06, you’ll have a full half second delay between the time you see the target hit, and the sound of the gunshot.  The fact that you see the target hit simultaneously with the shot is a pretty good indication the range was pretty close.  Pretty clearly this guy is a ballistics expert!

UPDATE: I guess he didn’t like being made a public fool of, because he took the videos down.  Sorry for those that missed the fun.

8 thoughts on “Video Games Destroying our Youth”

  1. I wish someone would make a video game about the battle of Lexington and Concord, with the British searching for arms to seize.

  2. Mad Saint Jack:

    Your idea is the best one I’ve heard in the longest time, and I have not even had much of an interest in video games for quite some years now. I am rather much of a history fan though.

    I too have missed the video here. What was it about supposedly?

  3. The long range shooting demonstration video is now gone from Youtube also – what gives with that?

  4. Aww…come on… his pistol drawing methods weren’t that shabby for a 14 yr old.

    And one day this guy will probably be a state trooper somewhere.


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