One-Gun-A-Month in New Jersey

It’s up for a committe vote in New Jersey on December 8th.  Scott Bach has this to say:

Unfortunately, a bill pending in the State Senate and up for committee vote 12/8 (S1774) is a bad dose of old medicine. It’s a proposal to ration the Constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to own handguns beyond the existing regulatory thicket, which already slows exercise of those rights to a trickle. It ignores violent behavior and known sources of illegal trafficking, instead restricting only persons investigated and pre-certified as acceptable to own firearms. Even mainstream media recognize the ineffectiveness of this approach.

He goes on to describe how utterly worthless this law is going to be in light of New Jersey’s requirements to even purchase a firearm.  Bryan Miller is pushing for this law just because he can.  No sane person believes that criminals are following New Jersey’s draconian gun regulations to get guns, rather than buying them on the street.

2 thoughts on “One-Gun-A-Month in New Jersey”

  1. I think of the problem mathematically. The one-gun-a-month law is a clear n + 1 problem, i.e., if I can legally purchase n firearms a month, why not n + 1?

    The solution that makes sense is that a person can legally purchase 0 handguns (prohibited from owning) or an infinite quantity (they are not prohibited from owning–also known as “innocent until proven guilty”–therefore no sensible restriction is possible).

  2. In times like this, I feel totally powerless. This Bill is sponsored by my Rep’s. I’m totally behind the 8 ball here, and I feel there’s nothing I can do. Hudson County NJ is a hotbed of gun control kookiness.

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