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NRA reports that the New Jersey one-gun-a-month bill was indeed pulled from a floor vote.  It will remain a pending bill in the legislature for the next thirteen months remaining in the term, and could have a floor vote at any time.  But NRA does mention:

While this legislation will remain in a position to be posted for a vote by the full Senate for the rest of the 13 months remaining in the term, this development can only indicate a softening of support for this dangerous bill.  Overwhelming effort on the part of the grassroots networks of a variety of gun rights groups in New Jersey must be credited with this apparent reversal of fortune for the anti-gun crowd.

There are people who deserve credit for this.  Scott Bach, who is an NRA Board Member and President of the Association of New Jersey Rifle Pistol Clubs, Andrew Jennison, who is the NRA state liaison for New Jersey, and probably more than a few other people who I’m overlooking.  But really, none of these people are scary to politicians without grass roots who are involved and engaged.

This is a minor, and possibly short lived victory, but it wasn’t too long ago the anti-gun forces in New Jersey could steamroll us whenever they wanted to.  That might be changing, but we must keep up the fight.

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  1. So does this mean they can sneak it in at any time they want without notifying us first? Or will they have to announce it and give the NRA time to notify us to call our senators?

  2. I got the email from the NRA when this was in the committee, I called up the senator’s offices listed there to put me on the “Oppose” list, and their secretaries (of the two republicans) said that they had been taking calls opposed to 1774 for two days. Consequently, those two republicans (Bucco and Connors, iirc) voted no. I hope this kinda stuff continues. I’m trying to get all my friends and family to call every time I get one of those NRA emails.

  3. If Cryan Miller was a character on “The Simpsons”, that bully kid Nelson would be giving him his trademark “ha ha” right about now.

  4. Good response to the threat, fellow New Jerseymen. Human nature being what it is, these politicians need constant reminding that their job is to do what they are told to do by “the people.” That’s still us, as long as we make the effort to overwhelm them with email and phone calls.

  5. Hi, Sebastian. I notice SAS isn’t listed in the “Gun Organizations” list. Can we be included?
    Thanks so much!
    -Wendy, NJ SAS Coordinator

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