Finally Got to Shoot the FAL

I bought TD of the Unforgiving Minute‘s FAL about a month ago, but couldn’t get it to the range on account of not being able to find any inexpensive bulk .308 at my usual suppliers.  Last weekend I was at the Bass Pro in Harrisburg, and they had 60 rounds of Remington .308 for a price that was only mildly outrageous, so I bought it.  Today I managed to find some time to get it out to the range.

Enterprise Arms FAL

It was sitting in TD’s closet unfired for a number of years. He decided he wanted to add another large bore elephant killer to his collection just in case Michigan gets overrun by Cape Buffalo. So he sold it to me. It’s an Enterprise Arms STG-58 Standard FAL. Basically a parts kit gun. Worked pretty flawlessly at the range, except for the breech not wanting to close all the way a few times when I’d hit the bolt release. Nothing a little cleaning and lubricating won’t fix. Trigger is about what you’d expect on a military rifle. How does it shoot?


Had to shoot two strings of 5 (prone at an SR-1 target at 100 yards) because our club limits magazines to 5 rounds for some reason. First group was low and left. Too much compensation the off zero sights. Second string I adjusted up and left, and got pretty close. Not too bad for the sights being off and factory ammo. I think once I get the sights where I want them, it’ll be a good shooter. I will have to go to the local indoor rifle range to make sure all the mags I got will feed a full 20 rounds cleanly. Once I get some confidence in it, I will definitely bring it out this summer for a few matches.

9 thoughts on “Finally Got to Shoot the FAL”

  1. You will probably find that bullet impact will change if you take that bipod off.

    Generally, they shoot better groups without the bipod.

    And yes … trigger pulls are heavy!

    not being able to find any inexpensive bulk .308

    Ha ha.

  2. Sebastian: I would then guess that your FAL uses parts with metric system dimensions then, since it is my understanding that some FAL parts have Imperial system dimensions instead, which means that not all FAL parts are interchangeable. It all depends on the FAL rifle’s country of origin.

  3. STG-58’s are Austrian (Steyr), and are metric. So it’s likely his rifle is an Austrian kit built on an Entreprise receiver.

  4. What’s up with the 5 round deal? I was at a range in NC where you could only load 6, and (was repeatedly told,”no rapid fire”)! Thought that was goofy, but complied to keep all happy.
    Good luck with your FAL, its a nice rifle.

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