Silhouette with Bitter’s Rifle

Shot a 21 with Bitter’s new CZ-452 Lux rifle, open sights.  Not good, but I meant to take it to the range last night to make sure the sights were zeroed, but didn’t get the chance because I felt like dog pooh. It was shooting a bit high at to the left, but it’s hard to tell exactly how much just looking at the splatter on the animal.  I ended up missing the first couple of animals until I figured out where to aim for that particular animal.  After that it was down to my general skill, which only gets me about 30 or so with my scoped 10/22.

I think it’ll be a great shooter once I get the sighs zeroed and get a scope on it.

4 Responses to “Silhouette with Bitter’s Rifle”

  1. Wai says:

    Mine blew out the entire center of a shoot-n-c target at 50 yds with open sights out of the box. Imagine what I can do with a scope on it.

  2. Joseph says:

    No offense, but from what I hear about CZ sights, you probably didn’t really need to get a scope for it.

  3. USCitizen says:

    Just let me know if there is a defect.

    It will be resolved promptly.

    – USCitizen

  4. Sebastian says:

    Thanks. Best I can tell it shoots great. Just might need to have the windage ticked over a bit. Could also be I can’t shoot. I will let you know when I can shoot it from the bench at a paper target and see for sure :)