New Shooter

I had the pleasure of introducing a newbie to the joys of shooting today.  My former girlfriends’ younger brother was only 9 or so when I first met him, but he recently graduated from high school, and was out visiting his sister.  He wanted to go shooting, so I decided to take him to the club’s plinking range.

I still stand by the AR-15 as a great rifle for the introduction of enthusiastic beginners.  For people more timid about shooting, the .22LR is a better choice.  I loaded up 50 rounds for Jason, and we went through all of them.  We went through 30 more rounds with the AK-74, and a few rounds with my Mk.II and Glock.

His mom is going to want to kill me, because I know she doesn’t like guns, and now he wants to buy a rifle.  Hopefully he can find a range or club in Iowa that can help him get started.

8 thoughts on “New Shooter”

  1. Sounds like he’s in the same boat as me with parents who don’t like guns.

    How was he hitting the mag release? I find I have to slide my support hand back and hit it with my thumb. An ambi mag release would be nice.

  2. Nice going! He can compromise with his mother; She can remain gun free and he can get a rifle. They both get their wish.

    Middle photo; it’s something I tell all new shooters, multiple times. “Bring the buttstock up to your face, not your face down to the buttstock. It should be comfortable and natural” and “You’re backing away from the gun. Instead come forward. Lean into it. Put your weight forward.” If he were firing a heavy recoiling gun, he’d be taking several steps backward, or falling, after the shot they way he’s positioned.

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