Evan’s Crystal Ball

Evan Nappen makes some predictions about gun control, and he thinks Congressman Engel has provided the plan by which we will be attacked.  I agree with Evan that this is almost a no brainier for Obama if he’s looking to pick a fight with NRA.

How it would work is Obama would direct the ATF to do something about it, then ATF would propose a rule to change the Federal Regulations that govern imported parts guns.  There would be a period of public comment.  During that period gun owners would need to do what we did in regards to the National Park Carry bill.  In other words, flood them with comments opposing the rule change.  The rule might get implemented anyway.  We could, in that case, sue BATFE, just like the Brady’s are doing with the Department of the Interior, only we’ll have some better tools to use legally.

TD might be sorry he sold me that FAL :)

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