Indoor Silhouette: I Suck

I went to try indoor silhouette at the club tonight.  Just for practice.  The short of it is that I suck.  I hit maybe 5 animals.  The sights on my pistol were way off, and with our bullet traps in the back, I couldn’t really see where my shot was going to know how to adjust my aim.  That’s what I get for just showing up at the range after not having checked my sights.  I got so frustrated I almost wanted to pull out my Glock and blast the animals with something I was more comfortable shooting.  Most of the folks there were competing in the scoped rifle category that I could see.  I think next time I’ll show up with the 10/22.  I prefer shooting rifle anyway.

3 thoughts on “Indoor Silhouette: I Suck”

  1. One thing I picked up from watching a Matt Burkett shooting dvd was the first thing to do at the range when practicing is to group shoot one magazine. Slow fire, relaxed, close target maybe 7 yards, no pressure other than trying to shoot the smallest group you can. The goal is to check the firearm for proper functioning, check the sights for drift, and to get you, the shooter, into the mindset of “front site, press”. He also recommended group shooting another magazine when you’re finished for the day.


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