Tavor TAR-21 Seen in Gaza

Nothing like a little gun p0rn to round out the night.  Looks like the Israelis are deploying the Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle to some troops in Gaza.  They can be seen in these videos:



Also in the news, apparently Israel is using the Ruger 10/22 at long ranges to suppress rioters in the West Bank.  Anyone throwing rocks is a deadly threat to anyone within range of the rocks.  I don’t see why people have a problem with this.  Also, if anyone’s curious, the items being worn on the helmets of Israeli soldiers is the Mitznefet, and is part of their camouflage.

3 thoughts on “Tavor TAR-21 Seen in Gaza”

  1. I’ve long heard of the 10/22 rumors, but I didn’t know they were true. Apparently, Israel would use suppressed 10/22s and a shot to the groin of rioters.

    According to the article the IDF uses the 10/22 for shots below the waist and adds that most injuries are to the legs. Interesting. Nice to know Israel shares my enthusiasm for the 10/22.

  2. I have seen photos an IDF soldier shooting a scoped and suppressed 10/22 in some sort of combat zone. The captions also said the purpose for the weapon system was to harass rock-throwing rioters from a distance.

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