Recession Busting Meals

Glenn Reynolds blogs about this ridiculous story at CBS News about how to cook on a budget.  A “recession busting” budget of $35 dollars a meal.  The slow cooker swiss steak we made last night was less than $10, and could have easily fed a family.  Are these recession busting meals for former Wall Street execs who now find themselves faced with the horror of having to live like ordinary, every day rich people?  No wonder the old media is going down the toilet.

4 thoughts on “Recession Busting Meals”

  1. The media has no clue, do they?


    Meal on a budget…a.k.a. depression meal.


    4 bags of Black Eyed Peas @$1 or less.
    Chunk of salt pork or bacon
    White Rice

    Place in crock-pot and cook for a few hours.
    Salt, pepper or other seasonings to taste. Add rice. Enjoy!

    A little Tabasco sauce is nice.

    Makes enough food to feed a whole family 2-3 times in a week all for about $5-$6


    Splurge…with the following:

    4 bags of Lentils @$1 or less.
    Spicy Italian sausage
    White Rice
    Cumin and Curry Powder

    Cut up the sausage, fry it in a pan and dump it into a crockpot with the lentils. Add rice. Enjoy!

    Okay, so this one will run you about $12 thanks to the sausage. But is delicious.

  2. $35 for what is essentially pasta and a salad?

    Let’s see:
    2lb pasta on sale, $01.50
    jar of sauce on sale, $1
    a few hamburgers out of a Costco value pack, $1 (brown, crumble, and add to sauce)
    spices and seasoning the sauce to taste, practically free
    Bottle of salad dressing on sale $1
    bag of salad greens $4
    Loaf of homemade bread, well under $1

    $10 for dinner, and for 2 people there’s enough left over for another meal.

  3. I’m sure that’s cheap if you buy all of your ingredients (and everything else) on Manhattan island, and the only people who matter live there right?

    Those people are so insular in their view of the world.

  4. The network folks are the same ones that routinely have segments on “fashion on a budget” or “back to school for less” and display clothing outfits that only cost $150. Each. And that’s amid a barrage of oohs and aahs and “wow, that’s so inexpensive” from those on camera.

    No, they have no clue. None whatsoever.

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